Terrain Vehicles


As a focused independent service and parts provider we do not have the excessive overhead burden of most main dealerships. We offer genuine value for money with exceptional standards of workmanship and advice.


Established over 20 years we believe in investing in people and equipment. All our staff regularly attend training sessions to help keep them up to date with new technology and we use dedicated Land Rover and Jaguar diagnostic equipment.


Land Rover Servicing


Vehicles still in the 3 year warranty period will NOT have the warranty affected when serviced by us.

We provide fixed price servicing on all Land Rover models and we guarantee that work is carried out to the agreed specification.

We use genuine parts and high quality oils on vehicles which are still in the manufactures warranty period. We can also make cost savings by using quality branded parts with the high quality oils on vehicles out of the warranty.


Jaguar Servicing


With Land Rover and Jaguar using many parts and system on both brands it was a natural progression for us in 2013 to start working on Jaguar cars. We have started off with a few existing Land Rover customer who also had Jaguars and have spent several years gaining experience and knowledge before even advertising that we work on Jaguars.


We have limited our training to vehicles from 2000 onwards and

We will update your service book or your online service history.


Our easy to use online booking system allows you to arrange service and MOT times 24 hours a day.

Book an appointment with Terrain Vehicles using SetMore


We are confident that you will receive an excellent personal service with honest VAT inclusive prices. This is why we are happy to advertise many of our regular repair and service prices here on our website. - How many other garages do this ?




Specialist upgrades and improvements


Only doing Land Rover vehicles means we understand their needs and so we have invested in tools and equipment as well as training. This means we are able to carry out many specialist repairs that other garages are unable to do.


Automatic Gearbox flushing

Engine remaps - For improved power and torque.

Rust inhabiting treatment - Keeping the rust away.

Welding repairs. - To a high standard
Fault finding and diagnostics.

Power steering flushing.


Please see our dedicated pages for more details of what we offer.




Parts and Accessories


We stock a large amount of parts and offer different quality levels to meet your demands.


Our parts sales team are all trained mechanics so can help you work out what parts you need to complete the repairs to your Land Rover.


We have a small Ebay shop but have decided to only list item that are good quality and not follow what appears to be happening at present where the cheapest low quality items are being sold.




Land Rover and Range Rover Sales


We are not a normal used car sale forecourt.


We will only purchase very selected vehicles either from customers we know or from trade in from main dealers.


We have a saying which is "No one trades in a car that is perfect" - so all vehicles need work before selling and not just valeting. and we on average spend over £1000 on each vehicle prior to selling it.


We again are different to most used car sales places in that we like to sell our cars locally as our aim is to see you and the car for many years for servicing and repair work.